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Is this service free?

Yes, Clip Converter is absolutly free. :)

Why do i get a 'Unable to get video infos from YouTube' error?

This error comes up when a YouTube video currently is not available. Sometimes it is just temporary, so it may help when you try it again. If this doesnt help, we are not able to convert this video because of YouTube country or copyright restrictions.

Why do i get a 'Conversion server is currently not available, please try again later!' error?

We are permanently working to improve our server infrastructure, but sometimes downtimes are not avoidable. We are sorry for this, just try it again a few hours later.

Every time I try to convert a YouTube video, it stays 'Waiting for conversion ticket' forever.

This is a problem with your browser and JavaScript. Please use an up-to-date browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer 8. IE6 is not supported.